Greg Rist Bio

Greg Rist has been part of the Toronto television industry for 3 decades and brings his expertise and experience to every project. He has produced award winning programs and segments for CTV, CBC, CITYTV, TVO and PBS. As a documentarian he is an accomplished video journalist using his camera to capture thousands of stories. Subjects range from nude camping to exploring the heart of a nuclear reactor.

Honing his skills as a street wise camera operator at the world famous CITYTV he then moved on to becoming a well known Toronto reporter. Building on the basics of strong story telling and a keen eye Greg produced shows and segments that have aired internationally.

In addition, he is a skilled interviewer and has produced and hosted over 150 1/2 hour interview based shows featuring personalities such as the world reknown oncologist Robert Buckman, Canadian comic legend Don Harron and his alter ego Charlie Farquharson, Juno award winners Jack Dekeyzer and Amy Sky.   

Some Blasts from the Past aired on CityTV in the mid 1980s. ( For more CityTV oldies checkout TheRistWatch channel on YouTube)